Digital Marketing

In an on demand world , you need to reach your customers at every touch point, in a way that is relevant to their lives and your business.
The touch points specifically involve
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Internet

We have created strategies and plan to achieve the above objective in shorter durations with the best ROI. Digital marketing does not end by just providing traffic, we believe that there are three major action points that go into making a strategy:

  • Quality Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Brand Building

Social Media Marketing

All businesses need to be social now.

Facebook, twitter , Quora , clearly social media has transcended and gone beyond just the basic updates.

Brands are looking at Social Media as an effective method to relay their brand's communication. Not only is social media cheaper, but it also effectively grabs the attention of the target audie

It is also a very cost-effective way to engage with and get ahold of the customer's pulse.

Various tools are applied to assist in tracking, monitoring, reporting and gauging a brand's performance online on parameters - such as
  • Reach
  • Audience engaged
  • Engagement percentage
  • Virality

At Adnet, we go one step ahead with not only managing brand reputation and their audience but also increase sales through product promotion and effective placement advertising.

All these activities help in
  • Establishing
  • Maintaining
  • Repairing
  • Monitoring

the publicly available online information about a brand. This results in several benefits in the form of enhanced customer confidence and most importantly - positive brand buzz. This positivity then starts a chain of virality, consumer empowerment and last but not the least - lead generation (which drives sales). All this is possible by generating Word-of-Mouth and Influencer Marketing as well.

eMail and SMS Marketing

Lets begin this section by mentioning some facts,
  • More then 80% of Marketers believe that email marketing is a very important part of their marketing plan.
  • 58 % of Marketers feel that eMails and SMS are effective in reaching agreed goals with another 36 % of Marketers believing that eMails and SMS are ‘Somewhat effective’ in reaching the agreed goals.
  • More the 50% of the Marketers feel that eMail marketing on Mobile devices is going to be the way forward.
  • There are more then 3 billion email accounts out of which more then 80% check their account every single day.
  • 80% of eMail shoppers have made purchases due to eMail offers..
  • eMail Marketing has the ability of creating valuable personalized touch at scale – something that other channels don’t have.

    Drip eMail Marketing

    Drip marketing involves creating content and emails upon the recipient's individual behavior with automated triggers based on various events.

Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine marketing – Paid
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Landing pages optimization