Think about the last time you saw a photo of a product and thought…

This is the power of having the right product photos on your e-commerce website and the opportunity you have to jump out and grab your customer’s attention.
With a single photo you can tick a lot of boxes in your customer’s minds and answer a ton of questions in just a few seconds. This is exactly the goal when it comes to selling online, communicate and build trust as quickly as possible.
We expertize on variety of factors that help create the right image for your product.


We cover all the necessary angles of your product
We specialize in covering multiple angles of your product. Based on category your product falls in we develop guidelines for angles


We retain the color your product owns. A small statement but has huge imapct on customer satisfaction when it comes to receiving the product that the customer saw on the screen.

We use color pallets and Grey cards for shoot to get the exact color match.


We build feature shots like Mannequin shots, prop shots, shots with reflections so that the impact on the customer’s mind is complete.


Our photographers have a vast range of repertoire in the domains of apparel, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and many more.

List of broad-level services provided in the Production domain


Product Photography

We cover a vast range of categories ranging from Jewelry, Furniture, large appliances and Home products for Product Photography. We incorporates props and build in features such as shadows ,reflections etc.

We undertake complex shoots such as glassware, Diamond Jewelry, very large furniture sets and large appliances such as Air conditioners and Refrigerators.

Model Photography

May it be shooting on local models or deploying International models, we utilize some of the best Model agencies in every country we operate. We not only undertake shoots for local garments but also style models for international garments too. Shoots for undergarments, swimsuits and nightwear are also executed by us.

Mannequin and Ghost Photography

We do understand that in some cases you may not want to use a model to shoot a particular product and it becomes necessary to utilize either a Mannequin or a to ghost it. We undertake partial as well as complete Mannequin shoots for multiple categories such as Jewelry, Garments and Accessories such as watches, handbags etc.

360 Degree

What better way to make a customer have a complete feel of the product, then to give him 360 degree all around view of the product. Clicking multiple images of the product at predefined angles and stitching all of it together to give a roundabout view of the product is a domain we specialize in. The customer hence sees all the features associated with the product including the sides and the back portion which rarely seems to be highlighted.

360 Degree photography coupled with Mannequin Photography can create effects which are sure to give the customer total confidence in your product and you a sure edge over your customer.

On location Photography

Ecommerce has spread from product selling to providing a huge number of services including Travel, Hotel and Real Estate. Considering ourselves as total service providers in the domain of Ecommerce has led us to develop skills in capturing images for Hotel rooms, Offices and Residential space.

We have developed guidelines to capture all facets of these vast spaces so that the customer can have a feel of being there and hence removing the element of surprise in the transaction.


Computer-generated imagery (CGI for short) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images. The visual scenes may be dynamic or static, and may be two-dimensional (2D), though the term "CGI" is most commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used for creating scenes or special effects.

This specialized technology has been very effectively used by us for creating real life like scenes in categories such as Home furnishing, Jewelry, large appliances resulting in proper visualization for the customer and huge cost saving for our clients in terms of reduction of actual photography.