E-Com Photoshoot

A journey made effortless for each and every product of yours.

We at Koncept Wings are dedicated to making this journey seamless and comfortable for each and every product of yours by taking care of the entire basket of services that are involved within.

Product Shoots


Any product that you are selling, deserves to be highlighted in the best light possible.Having a top quality photo-shoot done for some of or your full product portfolio goes a long way in ensuring your brand & your products get maximum exposure.
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    Nowadays we are living in a visually driven world – be it virtual or in real life. A person, who sees something attractive from the outside of a store, will definitely walk into the store with an intention of either buying or at least inquiring about the product. The same goes for all things being sold online and elsewhere – if the picture of the product is attractive, half of the work is instantly done. If people visiting your store page browse and like what they see, they will end up making a purchase.

    This is one of the major reasons why good product photography is critically essential for the success of any business being conducted online or offline. Getting the maximum out of your product photography directly translates to the enhancement of your brand - which itself is highly important for a business.

    From store designs to social media campaigns & taglines, branding is intertwined in every single marketing activity that your business does. The right kind of branding speaks directly to your target audience and helps in crafting strong, successful relationships with customers. This relationship, in turn, leads to successful sales conversions and a spike in leads. To form this relationship and also carry out your branding in a proper and effective way, images and photographs play a key role."

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Model Shoots


KW provides fast, brand-centric product photography and video that enhances merchandising, lowers return rates and maintains high consumer engagement. Our professionals manage all aspects of the process for you, from prepping your products and booking models from top agencies to optimizing your images for the web.
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    Our approach is designed for maximum collaboration. We cater to your vision, carefully developing style guides with your team and encouraging you to participate in Photoshoots (either onsite or via remote viewing). The result is a consistently high-quality representation of your unique brand identity.

    Whatever your requirement is, our fashion stylists and photographers make sure your products look great online."

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Ghost Shoot


Invisible ghost mannequin photography or “ghost” is standard with all our clothing photography. This is when the garment looks as though it is being worn by an invisible “ghost”. This is done with photographing the item on a mannequin. We then remove the mannequin and any associated not needed items during post production, This style of clothing photography is the norm int he fashion world.
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    Ghost mannequins are used for Apparel Shoots without models:

    • Invisible mannequin or ‘3D cut out’ shots show the garment as it might be worn
    • Creating a realistic simulation which shows your label and lining
    • Close up pictures of the key areas highlights the design details
    • Rear shots are provided in the same format
    • Final product can be placed on background color of your choice

Mannequin Shoots


Using mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products. Mannequins allow your products to hold their shape, which can make product images seem more professional and consistent — thereby increasing their desirability to customers.

Food Photography


Ad campaign or magazine shoot, we capture the essence of your product with our premium drink and food photography. Our commercial photographers love the challenge of professional food photography, whether that’s capturing the beautiful hue of a beverage or heightening the visual aesthetic of desserts. We offer a vast range of services including food packaging photography, restaurant photography, catering photography, cookbook photography, and food editorials. We can shoot your product in our full working kitchen or visit you on-location."

360 Photography


Panoramic images gift a 360-degree sight to the people; this is extremely inspiring to popularize a product otherwise a real estate possessions. Our technically skilled graphic designers grip all the feature of your products demonstrated portrait plus other race of imaging requirements in addition provide 360 sights to their clienteles.
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    In the Product Shadow & Reflection Services, Reflection shadow creates the similar feeling like the exclusive mirror otherwise glass creates. Mirroring is a graphic outcome gives the magic of shadow otherwise mock shadow from lighting in addition to gives a 3D effect toward the object. The glassy look whatever reflection shadow creates could improve any image made for advertise or present.

    360º product spins are perfect for any company looking to showcase their products online to their full potential.

Look Book Shoots


A Lookbook is a set of photographs compiled to reveal off a style, an apparel line or Fashion Designer’s Collection. Lookbook Photography is a collection of photographs, which are specially picked to give versatile look and also a fashion sense that fashion aficionados can rely on. We at KW apprehend your creative appetite & we work along with your creative inputs to create splendid Designer Lookbooks.
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    Why shoot a Lookbook?

    Basically, a Lookbook is nothing but putting fully styled “looks” together for your customer to help them make purchase decisions. With the help of a lookbook, you show them how fashionable it looks and how it can be styled and worn. Also, you can show your customers, your brand’s personality and gain recognition with high-quality Designer Shoot content because an inspiring, creative, and interesting content can lead to free marketing through social media shares."

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We can tailor our services to meet your Creative requirements and provide support and assistance along the way.