E-Com Seller Account Management

Are you an offline seller and eagerly wanting to sell online but unable understand from where to start with? Every genuine seller knows that an marketplace presence can result in major profits and ensures brand building in most economical way. But establishing your position within the saturated marketplace can be a headache and a time-suck if you are trying to do it all on your own. There is where Koncept wings come into play.

Setting Up Your Online Account


The process of becoming a seller starts with setting up and creating your seller account. Understanding your seller goals, analyzing what specific product you want to sell, we determine the right category that you fit. We take the hassle out from you, first clearly stating the rules and regulations so as to keep you in the loop and in the right books always. We set up your account handling the entire process of registering, proceeding further to product listing and more.

Brand Registry


Account setup isn’t just about creating your identity. It is also about registering your brand online. As a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or even brand you may find it a lengthy and multifaceted process, but not us. With our knowledge, experience and proficiency in the field, we ensure that we handle the entire registry by applying for it, submit the documents. Not just this, we go to extra length to keep your brand protected against fake and unauthorized sellers.

Products And Assigning Categories


The product listing is at the core of your selling platform. To make the most of your sale capability, we ensure that we take a methodical approach for listing of your products:
  • Listing according to the category
  • Adding all related information including SKU, product ID, search terms, and other attributes
  • Giving a proper product title, and detailed description
  • Adding high-definition images, taken from multiple angles

Strategic Work On Pricing


Pricing is a big factor that affects buyers’ decisions. Are your products priced higher, or have you priced low to buy more customers but incurring loss in profit? Pricing your products right is the vital component of your entire sale process. We analyze your products, evaluate what your customers are doing in this respect, and assess how much valuable your product is for your customers. All this factors in and become an integral part of us pricing the product that will be value for money to your customers, as well as profit-earning for you.

Inventory And Order Management


Managing continuous supply and enhanced customer service means that you don’t lose track of your inventory. While you are busy with the core functions of your business, do not worry as we are on it for you. We will keep you updated about everything related to your inventory, which products are out of stock, which are low, and which needs to be stocked up high based on increasing demands to match the supply. Not just inventory management, we also process order management in whole, right from routing the order status updates to managing late shipment rates, changes in orders, product returns and refunds. Managing case logs is our expertise wherein we act as the primary point of contact between you and your customers, creating, managing, submitting, responding and following up with the generated cases.

Advertisement Management


While product optimization is key, not advertising enough in the right way may make you lag behind the competitors. With a team of expert, we are well-placed to handle your advertising campaigns, right through brainstorming ideas to conceptualization of unique marketing strategy, making use of different advertising channels, creating buzzwords and much more to make sure you are well ahead in the game and are getting higher ROI.

Customer Support And Responding Inquiries Instantly


Handling regular enquiries and customer feedback and questions can be a tough nut to crack. You have to be there for them every time, while also dealing it strategically and appropriately so as to keep the customers satisfied while also gaining new buyers with word of mouth promotion shown through exemplary support. Whatever the queries you are getting, related to anything from your product to service model and much more, we handle all comprehensively and purposefully. We have a team of knowledgeable, polite and dedicated staff that is knowledgeable and always ready to become your brand’s ears and mouth for your customers.

Overall Account Health


Whether you are an individual seller, a professional seller, we know what it makes to keep the account health well-being specific to your marketplace’s unique requirements and pertaining to your business objectives. We keep your account in full compliance to the guidelines and regulations and implement what is right for you. We ensure full monitoring of your performance and optimize metrics to better it day by day, keeping it up to the market standards.

We can tailor our services to meet your Creative requirements and provide support and assistance along the way.